Volunteer Teams

Group your volunteers into teams for easier organization. Assign Team Leaders so everyone knows who to report to.

Browser Based

Nothing to install or maintain. Works everywhere internet is available.

Volunteer Checklist

Volunteer names, photos, hours, status, one-click check-ins, schedule confirmations, benefit eligibility... everything you need to know in one convenient checklist.

Screenshot of DoGooder's Volunteer Manager Checklist

Ridiculously simple volunteer management for organizations big & small

Pre-Qualify or Pre-Disqualify Volunteers

Flexible logic allows the volunteer signup form itself to pre-qualify or eliminate applicants before they even hit the volunteer coordinator’s inbox.

Applicant doesn’t have a CDL?  They can’t sign up to be on the shuttle bus team

Applicant is under 21? They can’t serve on the booze team.

Applicant knows how to run a 35mm projector? You’re on the projectionist team!

Email Templates

Save any message as a template and use it again and again.

Multiple Event Support

Hop between events easily.  No silly filtering by date to find the last event on a giant calendar that has most of the year blank.

Quickly invite volunteers from last year to signup for this year.

Map Volunteer Availability to Shifts in One Summary Screen

See a list of approved volunteers that are available or conflict with a specific team need.

A few of our wonderful users:

The DoGooder volunteer management system helps volunteer coordinators manage and communicate with teams of do-gooders at events held by organizations and nonprofits they love. If you are a volunteer coordinator (or help choose the volunteer management software solution) let’s schedule a time to share stories and see show how DoGooder can help your volunteer management tool be more gooder.

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